Shopify Partners

Client : Shopify

Project : Global Partner Program

Content: Art Direction, Video & Stills

Audience: Meet the people making the future.

The future of commerce is appearing in the most unlikely industries, driven by the most surprising people. Born-online microbrands are proving to be growth leaders. Compared to brick-and-mortar retail, eCommerce is becoming the smart bet for many categories. People are coming up with ideas, and building brands and businesses, faster than ever.

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Challenge: How do you catch up with an audience that’s ahead of everyone else?

Shopify wanted to engage this current audience in key markets of Asia, USA and Europe. How could they show that the company understood their challenges and their dreams?

Also, Shopify wanted to reach a younger demographic - the next generation of entrepreneurs that were ready to go even further. How do you reach people who might not know the technology, and have no time for ads or sales calls?

Most entrepreneurs could sell something to a person in the same room. But when it comes to the changeable, scalable world of eCommerce technology, many hesitate.

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Approach: Tell real stories that will inspire them…and the next generation.

For Shopify, we found their customers’ proven challenges and successes were the best motivation. But it would take the right approach to bring those stories out.

As a content studio, we knew how to dive deep into what mattered. What made people take the leap? What were the key elements of success…or failure? How could these strong personalities express themselves in a world of technology?

As artists, we knew how to design a compelling approach. Do I believe these faces and voices? Am I excited to attempt what they’ve done?


Result: A strong face for the human side of technology

The key was proving that success was within reach. For an audience driven by possibility, but possibly daunted by software, platforms, and requirements, trust and a human face makes all the difference.

We built a visual language and storytelling approach that Shopify could build upon: that through technology, real people could discover their potential and achieve new heights of success.

That’s good for everyone’s business.