A Story about Surviving Retirement


Meet Phil - retired journalist turned boat builder. 

It gives me the opportunity to work with my hands - to create something. When I retired I had this drive - almost a drive to learn a new skill. To learn something that was utterly different from anything that I hand done before.
Phil looks at Ottawa Today newspaper
Phil in workshop building boat (wide shot
Wood chisels in workshop
Workshop at night - Phil getting to work on a project

The Making of Boats

We’re proud to finally release this new boats piece that was created with archived footage and some more recent contextual footage shot this past year.

I met Phil a few years back while scouting locations in and around Mont Ste. Marie. Phil’s one of those special people you meet and initially feel like you’ve known your whole life. I remember first noticing the garage on his property (It looked like it was built to house something meaningful) so I had to ask - "what’s in the Garage?" And that’s essentially how it all began. 

I’ve always had a deep appreciation for the process of restoration, wether that be vintage cars, motorcycles, boats or homes and wanted to explore documenting that process with Phil. Fast forward a few years later when we formed no hands - the footage was re-explored and we quickly began to see the pieces that were missing. After reconnecting with Phil, we spent some time back at his shop throughout 2017 collecting the context we needed to drive the narrative and deserving story.

It’s been a beautiful journey for everyone and we couldn’t feel more lucky than to have spent some time with all the people involved in this project.

Enjoy! - John Kealey + Kyle Megill. 

picture hung on the wall of the shop of Phil from a sailing trip years ago
Phil tight portrait - laughing
boat on trailer coming out of workshop
Phil using the heat gun to seal the boat
Jeff on the lake rowing in Phil's boat
Phil using clamps on boat