A partnership between Photographer/Director John Kealey and Multidisciplinary Designer/Director Kyle Megill, no hands is a creative multidisciplinary team focused on the art of storytelling through video. 

the noise

The landscape of digital media is rapidly shifting and with the shift comes an explosive wave of new video content without purpose or narrative. We're not trying to contribute to this noisy digital landscape, we're focused on breaking away from it. In turn, we work with our team of innovators and thought leaders in a multidisciplinary setting to create methods, techniques and most importantly – visual stories that connect with audiences.

how we work

We've developed our multidisciplinary approach to consider more aspects of your story and a process that asks questions in order to develop the right narrative - for the right audience. We use an open dialog to work one-on-one with our clients to help them discover the stories they should be telling. Stories that feel human. 

We work with you on all aspects of your video project from concept development, full-scale production right up to the final implementation and content analytics resulting in a refined strategic approach each time we work together. Campaign or one-off, we understand the detail involved in creating original content for today's audience.